Bizarre! 20 rice truckloads meant for Kashmir ‘disappears’ mid-way


At least 20 trucks loaded with rice meant for the Food Corporation of India’s (FCI) Baramulla, PEG, have reportedly been hijacked as they did not reach their scheduled destination, local agency reported.

According to reports, 20 trucks loaded with rice left from Punjab  to their destination in Kashmir, but did not reach as same were diverted and sold in private markets.

These trucks bearing registration numbers PB32P-2971, PB32P-8871, PB32P-5171, PB32P-3971 and PB32P-4271,  7971-PB32A, 5171-PB 32P, 3871-PB32P, 4571-PB 32P, 6771-PB 32L, 3179-PB 32 P, 4171-PB32 P, 2071-PB32 P, 8771-PB09 Q; Challan numbers 279-49, 279-50, 279-18, 279-25, 279-28, 279-29, 284-51, 279-48, 284-52; date of loading 28, 28, 27, 27, 27, 27,28, 28, 28 of November 2015 respectively.

When cross checked with the official data, it has been observed that on January 2016 only 7 trucks had been unloaded at PEG Baramulla out of which 2 trucks were received from district office Jammu and 5 from district office Gurdaspur, Punjab, while as on January 17 not even a single truck has been unloaded at PEG Baramulla.

Sources in the department reveal that the scam is just the tip of the iceberg.



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