BJP leader suggests Kashmir De-population as a solution to Kashmir problem


New Delhi: Rightwing Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) MP Subramanian Swamy, has said on Tuesday that Kashmir Valley should be de-populated and people sent to refugee camps in Tamil Nadu.

He made this comment on his Twitter handle.

“Solution to (the) Kashmir Valley revolt is to depopulate as was done to Kashmir Valley Hindus. For a few years keep them in refugee camps in TN (Tamil Nadu),” Swamy tweeted.

Pertinently, this statement comes a day after students of colleges and University across Kashmir clashed with forces, against the forces action of Pulwama College.

More than fifty students were injured on the weekend in Pulwama following which students protested across Kashmir. Dozens of students were also injured in the clashes on Monday, seven of them seriously hurt.

All colleges and universities were closed on Tuesday after administration feared more protests.


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