BJP Legislator says JK Lawmakers are Frustrated


A Bhartiya Janata Party legislator Friday said that due to “callous and insensitive” approach adopted by PDP-BJP leadership over government formation, all the law makers belong to these two parties are frustrated and they find no means to redress the grievances of the people.

BJP legislator from Ladakh and former Minister of Cooperative and Ladakh Affairs Chering Dorje told CNS every legislator in PDP and BJP legislator are keenly supporting the early formation of the government but the top leadership are acting as bottleneck. “We fail to understand what the leadership of both the parties are doing and what are they up to given the fact people are suffering badly,” Dorje said.

He said there is uncertainty and nobody knows what will happen in coming days. “We were told government will take its shape in March but there seems no progress on the ground. The leadership of both the parties are not taking majority of the lawmakers on board and they are in dark,” he said.

“Today our legislator Sukhnandan vacated his official bungalow and tomorrow others will follow suit. I have myself received a notice from court directing me to vacate from my Jammu based official residence. I know it is an routine affair and at least the leadership should come clear on government formation,” Dorje said.

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