BJP ministers humiliate Kashmiri officers, alleges Er Rasheed


Independent lawmaker and MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Monday expressed a deep concern over the reports that secretary level Kashmiri officers are being humiliated by BJP Ministers and have been conveyed that no BJP minister is willing to take them as administrative secretaries in their ministries.

Er Rasheed said that the behaviour of BJP Ministers is a shameful, unacceptable and grave violation of the constitution. There can be nothing disastrous than the reports that IAS officers having Kashmiri origin have threatened mass resignation.

“The intentions of BJP Ministers are an attempt to divide the state and the bureaucracy on communal lines. It may end up even in the worst situation. People have a right to know that what forced BJP to the extent that they are not ready to tolerate even Kashmiris in the civil secretariat. Not only Kashmiri officers but a competent and dynamic honest officer like Basant Rath is facing the heat for trying to improve the system and discharge his duties to the satisfaction of common masses. Instead of appreciating him he is being subjected to humiliation and unnecessary sermons just for the reason he wants an end to VVIP culture and improves the traffic system,” The spokesman quoting Er Rasheed said.

Rasheed appealed the Mehbooba Mufti to break the alliance and said that if she can be blackmailed by BJP Ministers to the extent where Kashmiri officers would not find it possible to perform their professional duties, then she has no right to be in power and still claim PDP to be a regional party.

Expressing his displeasure over allegations and counter-allegations between NC and PDP, over charges of corruption, nepotism and back door entries, Rasheed has alleged that both the parties have a complete patronage and blessings of New Delhi to loot and shoot Kashmiris.

The spokesman quoted the Er Rasheed saying “be it a case of appointing Sartaj Madni’s son or Pirzada Mansoor’s daughter, NC’s allegations and questions carry a lot of weight but unfortunately, these truthful sermons mean nothing when they come from the mouths of those who have done worst to Kashmiris in their regime. An honest investigation will reveal that almost every ex and serving minister and legislator has one way or the other misused his authority and making backdoor entries for prestigious posts is just tip of an iceberg, what they have been doing.”

Rasheed dared Omer Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti to agree for setting up an independent enquiry to find out how many Uroot Madni’s have made it during past 20 years. However, Rasheed said that Omer Abdullah’s nepotism, corruption and other deeds cannot be a reason to justify what Mehbooba Mufti is doing today.


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