BJP Pushed People Away From Government: Sadhotra

SRINAGAR: Former Minister and senior leader Jammu and Kashmir National Conference, Ajay Kumar Sadhotra has alleged that BJP Government at the Centre and the State has pushed the people of J&K towards huge disconnect from the Government.

Ajay K Sadhotra

In a statement, he expressed his serious concern over the prevailing situation of disconnect. He termed it as deplorable and unpropitious. Continuation of disconnect will further lead to alienation.

Sadhotra further alleged that first under the garb of Reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir and now due to Covid-19 Pandemic, the Government has created an atmosphere of disconnection.

“Many times, there were Governor Rule/Presidential Rule in J&K, but common man has never experienced such type of chaos and disconnect, before,” he said.

National Conference leader said today there is nobody to listen to the problems of the common people and they have no outlet to ventilate their grievances.

“On the one hand common people are facing an ever biggest economic crisis, and on the other hand, huge disconnect from Government side,” he said.

Former Minister said Kisans, Youth, Labour, Traders, Small time shopkeepers, Rehari Phadiwalas, people from the Tourism industry and other sections of the society are feeling disappointed and disgusted.

“ Their miseries have increased many folds, common masses are feeling helpless and disillusioned,” said Sadhotra.

Sadhotra said, “ if a common man tries to approach the Government Agencies to put his grievances, he is told to come through the online system. It has become the biggest pretext of the administration.” \

“It is commonly known thing that common man has no facilities of the online system, instead of getting his problem solved he gets frustrated in the name of online. Moreover, there is an acute shortage of power in rural areas and even mobiles of the common masses could not get charged days together, not to talk of the online system,” he said.

He emphasised the need for taking effective measures to restore the lost confidence of the people by listening to their grievances and take immediate steps for their early redressal.

“ It will put check on the fast-growing alienation. Continuation of the present atmosphere of disconnection is not acceptable in our largest democracy of the world,” said Sadhotra in a statement.


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