BJP Slams Er Rashid for Staging ‘Flag Drama’



The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Monday slammed the independent legislator Er Rashid for what it called staging the “flag drama.”

In a statement to KNS the BJP spokesman Khalid Jehangir said, “Er Rashid has developed a habit of poking his nose into everything. By staging the flag drama he just wanted to be in news and he managed to hog the headlines. He has achieved his goal”

Jehangir said, “If Er Rashid, doesn’t believe in Indian constitution and country’s sovereignty he should tender his resignation from the Legislative Assembly and join separatists.”

Jehangir said that BJP is committed to safeguard the country’s sovereignty and would strive for fulfilling the dream of Shayama Prasad Mukerhjee of one constitution, one flag and one country. “Fringe elements like Er Rashid cannot deter the BJP from following the path of country’s development,” he said.

Jehangir claimed that people like Er Rashid are creating problems for Kashmiris and seem to be on a mission to shatter the peace in Jammu and Kashmir. “We won’t allow  such people to succeed in their designs,” he added.

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