National Conference Tuesday said that BJP’s formal demand for the abrogation of Article 370 had exposed PDP’s sell-out for power on key issues that concern the political rights and honor of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.


In a Party statement, NC General Secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar lashed at out PDP for maintaining a criminal silence over BJP’s recent overtures demanding the the abrogation of Article 370.

“BJP has yet again reiterated its longstanding demand for revoking Article 370 and this demand has come from the Party’s Spokespersons and Senior Leaders, making it a serious issue. While BJP’s opposition to J&K’s special status and Article 370 is as old as the existence of the right wing party, such demands now have serious implications as PDP has brought BJP into the power matrix in J&K,” he said.

Pertinently BJP’s National Spokesperson, Dr Sambit Patra raked up the issue on Monday had raked up BJP’s demand to abrogate Article 370 while clarifying that BJP had not compromised on this stand. “In the future, BJP will work to remove the special status act from Jammu and Kashmir whenever we will have proper number of MPs in the Parliament”, the BJP National Spokesperson had said while addressing the media on Sunday in Jammu.

“BJP has now officially and formally made it very clear that PDP’s ‘CMP’ with the BJP was a farce to fool the people of J&K and that PDP is on-board when it comes to BJP’s activities to abrogate Article 370. While Article 370 cannot be abrogated without re-opening the question of accession, PDP’s complete surrender before BJP on this issue has made the situation in the State very apprehensive. What is even more tragic is that the Chief Minister of the State, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed continues to remain silent on this issue under pressure from the BJP,” the NC General Secretary said.

“Rather than distracting the attention of the people of J&K from the complete failure of the PDP-BJP alliance, the State Government and its alliance partners – PDP and BJP – should realize that they have played a cruel joke with the people of this State and especially the flood victims who continue to await any sort of compensation, relief and rehabilitation from either the PDP-BJP State Government or the BJP Government in New Delhi,” Sagar stated.


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