Does Congress’ Mir Support Guru Execution in Retrospect, asks Former Ally NC



National Conference on Tuesday called JK Pradesh Congress Committee Chief Ghulam Ahmed Mir’s statement on Afzal Guru execution as “absurd and self-contradictory” and said such statements “don’t behoove the PCC Chief and also goes against facts”.

An NC statement said that the party spokesperson said this while reacting to NC Working President Omar Abdullah’s factual statement that UPA hanged Afzal Guru for political motives, the PCC Chief had issued a statement that contradicted the fact that Congress MLAs in the State had signed a letter ahead of the MLC elections in J&K apologizing for the Guru execution and terming it as a miscarriage of justice.

“Mir Sahab should at least pretend to be a little sensitive if not apologetic about Congress’s decision to hang Afzal Guru for political dividends. Congress MLAs signed a letter that they handed over to Engineer Rashid ahead of MLC elections terming Guru’s execution as a miscarriage of justice. According to Mir Sahab’s twisted logic, rather lack of logic to start with is he telling us that those Congress MLAs were also trying to appease Narendra Modi when they signed that letter ahead of MLC elections? If that is the case then God help his party and we have nothing but sympathy and solidarity to offer. If that is not the case, is this the PCC Chief admitting that this letter was just a gimmick and that Mir and his party supports the decision of the Congress party to hang Afzal Guru? Mir Sahab needs to answer this important question,” the statement said.

“As to Mir’s apparent surprise on how the Chief Minister of J&K was not informed by the Congress Government in the Center about Guru’s hanging, we would suggest Mir Sahab to spend some of his precious time in reading the basics of Kashmir’s history – including those chapters where Congress Government’s in Delhi toppled democratically elected Governments in J&K in violation of the constitution and with complete disregard to democracy. Let me us Mir Sahab – how was that possible? How was it possible for Congress to topple Governments in J&K? How was it possible for Congress to send Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah to jail for 22 years? How was it possible for Congress to tear Article 370 to shreds through pliant stooge regimes in J&K? How was it possible for Congress to script numerous constitutional erosions in J&K – some through Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, the former Congress Chief in the State? I hope Mir Sahab can enlighten us with some justifications that make these acts against the people of J&K by Congress legitimate,” it added.

The NC Spokesman said Ghulam Ahmed Mir seems to have forgotten that he was a Cabinet Minister in the NC-Congress Government in the State headed by Omar Abdullah.

“Do we need to take out speeches made by Mir Sahab terming the NC-Congress Government as the best Government when it comes to governance and performance? Was Mir Sahab lying in those speeches or has his objectivity suddenly surfaced after he lost his seat from Dooru and is no longer enjoying the seat of a Cabinet Minister? Rather than giving contradictory lectures, Mir Sahab should try to ascertain why there were serious allegations of corruption, scams and misappropriation of public money against most of his colleagues from the Congress Party. Most works portfolios were with the Congress Party – seems like Mir Sahab has forgotten that as well,” the NC statement concluded.

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