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The undergraduate students of Government Medical College (GMC) Srinagar on Thursday staged a protest demonstration seeking expulsion of backdoor selectees who have joined college through dubious means.

“We have decided to boycott classes till the backdoor selectees are expelled from the college,” Faizan Younis, president of GMC undergraduate students’ union told KNS, adding that they are protesting to awaken the government on a very crucial issue which pertains to the credibility of the whole institution.

“This is totally unacceptable to us. How can we tolerate insults being hurled on us? We have joined this college after investing our blood and sweat. But a few students who have joined this college benefiting out of paper leak scam have earned a bad name for the whole institution,” said Younis.

Demanding immediate cancellation of admission of “12 backdoor students” of 2012 batch from GMC, the protesting students believed that expose of CET-2012 scam have brought a bad name to all the students pursuing their career in medical at GMC.

As the protest intensified, a police party present on spot prevented them to take the procession outside the campus.

Younis told KNS that it has become difficult for under graduate students to face the public, faculty, staff in the hospital and their acquaintances.   “Everybody suspects our credentials. So there is no way but to demand expulsion of those students who have illegally joined this college. Otherwise our credibility is at stake.”

Younis appealed the government to take some concrete decision for expulsion of the students who have benefited out of CET-2012 paper leakage scam. “The government should clear its stand if it wants to restore credibility of this prestigious institution besides the students who have to face the world,” Younis added.

“The senior doctors in GMC call as “peer’s doctors” or “backdoor medicos”. How can we compromise with such a situation,” said a protesting undergraduate student. The situation that has emerged in GMC after the expose of CET-2102 paper leak scam has compelled many students to regret their decision to join GMC.

Some protesting students said that they had got selected in NIT but they preferred the GMC owing to its prestigious status.  “Now we curse the day when we decided to join this college as we are counted  among those who benefited out of the paper leak scam.


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