Braid cutting: one case reported on weekend from Shopian, Tral

SRINAGAR: The mysterious braid chopping instances continued across south and parts of central Kashmir. There were two cases reported from Shopian and one from Tral.

Last night, resident of Manihal drove a young woman to the district hospital. She was not conscious. Identified as Saima, wife of Rouf Ahmad, the family told the police that they were in the orchard when somebody threw some liquid on her face and attempted a haircut. She fell unconscious and was driven to the hospital. She was not able to open her eyes because of the liquid that was sprayed on her.

Earlier in the day, in Rishipora village, people said the braid choppers had descended down the village and tried attacking a woman. She raised alarm and the people assembled quickly forcing the chopper to flee from the spot. Nobody in the village, however, was a in a position to tell exactly how did they know that it was braid choppers and who were they?

Late in the night, there was a report from Saimoh Tral. It was not immediately confirmed.

Authorities have already set up a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe the mysterious happenings that have become so frequent in south Kashmir in last few days. The civil administration has already set up special help lines at the districts across Kashmir.


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