Braving Odds, 8 Engineers Shoot Anti-Drug Film



On the “rising” drug menace in valley, a film Raftar: The Acid was released on Wednesday in Government Degree College Baramulla.

The film, made by some engineering students of valley, presents the ugly scene of drugs in the youth and that is destroying their lives like ‘acid.’

The 45-minute film revolves around some friends who are involved in drugs and motor stunting activities. Conflict rages when a young man gets involved into drugs because of his friends. To take revenge from his friends for involving him in this menace the film meets a tragic end.

Speaking on the event, the lead character in the film Aadil Farooq, 23 year old engineering student from Tragpora Baramulla said, “the only aim of this film is to bring a change among our young ones.”

Aadil is the main head behind this idea and is the main financer of this film.

“I have financed this film not because to earn anything but just to for our youth. Considering this medium as most powerful I am optimistic and believe lot of people will get changed by this,” Aadil added.

The film is entirely creation of eight students and was shot with a “low budget” DSLR camera.

The work on script started in May 2013 but the group had to cope up a major setback when the four members of this eight member team met a road accident.

In that fatal accident at Awantipora near IUST, one of the main brains behind the film, Sajad Ahmad died and director Zahid Manzoor and another character were severely injured.

“Despite this, we remained dedicated and made it possible even we have not recovered properly yet,” said Aadil. Aadil is still under medical observation.

The film has cost the crew around Rs 1.5 lakh that includes Rs 60000 for the camera.

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