BSNL Maligned Central Govt’s Image In JK: Omar

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Taking a strong exception to the dismal performance exhibited by BSNL, particularly during the devastating floods, chief minister Omar Abdullah Saturday observed that BSNL has maligned the image and prestige of central government in the state.

Taking a dig at snail’s pace measures taken by BSNL in restoration of the lost connectivity, Omar in brief chat with KNS  said that had the state government undergone the restoration measures like that of the BSNL,  the state would have been still submerged under the water. “This is the only major central office representing the central government in state and its dismal performance during the floods has put a question mark on its mandate,” he said.

The chief minister claimed further that his own official BSNL number might be still out of order, making him to ask for phone from his subordinates to make a phone call. “Even in secretariat the phones are not working. I have to either remain present in civil secretariat or at Hari Niwas so that to remain connected.”

Pertinently, when the devastating floods created havoc and the mobile telecommunications was the most needed service to inquire about the whereabouts of near and dear ones, most of the operators especially the state owned BSNL remained completely out of gear, adding to the miseries of helpless people. Even near a month has passed since theses floods ravaged the state, BSNL is still performing at a snail’s pace with its landline, broadband and cell phone networks remaining abysmally disturbed.

The chief minister remarked further that this time he will not celebrate Eid-ul-Adha in view of the recent devastation caused by the catastrophic floods in JK and that when people in thousands are homeless and living in tents, he finds no reason to celebrate the Eid. “I would offer the Eid prayers but there would be no celebrations this time in my home. I have no reason to rejoice when there are thousands of my people homeless and are spending days in tents along with their families. When the floods have devastated everything and has taken from us our reasons to rejoice, how could I celebrate this Eid,” Omar opined.

Referring to the relief and rehabilitation measures being undertaken by the state government, the chief minister said that the rehabilitation work in the state is a long drawn process, given the magnitude of devastation caused by the floods. “It will take time. It is a long process. We have to rebuild the state and it is not merely a day’s task. We have announced rupees 75000 interim relief to the flood victims and have put forth our demand for the overall package for the flood hit regions.”


  1. Then close it down. Why to boast that it serving in calamities. Whenever need occurs u ll tell no fund. But for employee fat salaries there is enough fund. As of now there is no strategic importance for bsnl. Close it down to save public money.

  2. He wants free of cost services from BSNL and at the top of it . he seems to have been paid by Private Cos for speaking in this tone as they are already loosing customers in Valley…….. rather than caring about Central Govts. image he should work out for the image of his own govt.


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