Bukhari Seeks Amnesty For Stone Pelters

KL Report


Senior PDP leader and MLA Sangrama Syed Basharat Bukhari has filed a resolution in the legislative assembly seeking amnesty and withdrawal of FIR’s against the youth booked in stone pelting since 2009.

Bukhari in his resolution has urged government to grant amnesty to the youth who have been booked in stone pelting in 2009, 10 and onwards in order to save their future. “These youth are facing severe problems. They can’t study, get employment or do another business due to non issuance of character and antecedent certificates. Majority of the students require character certificates outside state to peruse their studies which they are unable to obtain owing to the cases filed against them. None of them can get the government Job for similar reason.’ Bukhari told KNS.

He added ‘ we can’t play with the future of these boys and girls at least. Let the Government grant them amnesty and withdraw all the cases against these youth.’ demanded Bukhari. He said that the resolution has been submitted in the assembly secretariat and he was hopeful of having a positive discussion in the house. Meanwhile sources in the assembly secretariat confirmed to KNS that Bukhari has submitted the resolution seeking withdrawal of cases  against youth booked in stone pelting  and it was likely to come up for discussion soon. “Yes we have received Basharat Bukahri’s resolution” a senior officer in the assembly secretariat wishing not to be named told KNS on Friday afternoon.




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