Bullying In Schools And Colleges: Master The Art Of Standing Strong

by Aiman Fayaz

While the world has become more cognizant of the factors that negatively influence our mental health, many social conventions have been discarded because of being precarious to the emotional well-being of a person. However, there still exists a practice that continues to be destructive to youth’s overall mental health well-being.

Ragging or Bullying is one of the most common practices youngsters go through in their school and college lives that have a rampant and major effect on their mental well-being. It has the potential to cause serious mental health issues, and undesirable physical outcomes and can even lead to suicide.

Ragging can be described as an act, conduct, or practice by which people (higher in status, class, etc.) exert dominance over weaker individuals (lower in status, class, physically weak, etc.) by using physical or psychological force or violating the status, dignity, and honor of those being bullied or exposing them to mock and contempt that damages their self-esteem.

This act of teasing, annoying, or even beating can sometimes go out of control and result in profound psychological damage, which results in Nausea, Hypertension, Sleep disorders, Social phobia, Self-hatred, Low self-esteem, and inferiority complex in youngsters. It can also lead to severe depression and people taking drastic steps like attempting suicide.

The cause of indulging in ragging is deriving a sadistic pleasure or showing off power, authority, or superiority by the seniors over their juniors or freshers.

It is important to be alert at all times and keep the below information in mind while confronting any bully or facing situations like ragging in school or college-

  1. Be confident :-

Confidence is the key to half of the worries.

Be confident enough and answer all the questions politely. Reflect on your optimistic personality of yourself.

  1. Don’t Self-Sabotage:-

It is very important to answer back when things get out of control. In case you witness any kind of verbal abuse or any offensive comment, try to ignore it initially but if you are being targeted continuously, it is advised to directly ask the authorities for help.

  1. Socialize with your fellows:

Make new friends, and talk to your counterparts who are also new to college.

Ragging will seem prominent if you get isolated. If you interact and have fellows with you the entire day, there is a good chance you may avoid falling prey to hostile seniors and even if you do, you at least have friends for company.

  1. Call for help:-

Do not allow anybody to scare you, believe that you are mighty enough to scare them all. Once you let it happen to you, you will never have the courage to fight it. If you are unable to do it yourself, you can always resort to help. If you are alone and nobody is in sight when you are being ragged then shout for help.

Ragging/Bullying is now a legal violation. Do not hesitate to share your problem with a loved one. Do not resort to harming yourself.

Remember that facing your fears is the best way to fight them.


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