Burglars ‘Rule’ Lal Bazar during Nights

KL Report


Thieves broke into a house in a Lal Bazar locality during the intervening night of 19 and 20 February resulting in a panic in the area. However due to vigilance of the house owner the burglars had to run away without stealing anything.

It was a third incident in two weeks in Mohalla Gousia, Omar Colony A, Lal Bazar. The residents’ complained the incidents of theft are on rise in the area. The thieves breaching into houses at mid-night has created a panic among the common people.

“At around 1.15 am, a young thief broke into my house through one of the windows. I saw him but could not catch him,” says a resident of Mohalla Gousia.

Two days ago a similar incident happened with his other two neighbours.

“One family is in Delhi right now and day before yesterday they (thieves) had breached into their house. The thieves have perhaps taken the shawls and money,” he said.

He added, everything in the house has been turned topsy-turvy. Cupboards and draws are empty. It is mess all over the house.

The residents’ complained in other incident a few shawls were taken by thieves.

When contacted SHO Lal Bazar, about the incidents he said, “We have not registered cases of thefts but yes the residents have complained about movement of suspected men during night. I sent my men for night patrolling but could not find anyone.”


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