Cabinet Reshuffle Round The Corner, New Faces Being Inducted


SRINAGAR: All the BJP ministers have submitted their resignations to their party as part of the directions from the party high command, last week. This was done to pave way for induction of new faces in the cabinet led by Mehbooba Mufti, the Chief Minister.

Informed sources told Kashmir Life that the resignations were collected from all the BJP ministers earlier when Ram Madhav visited Jammu. “The process is on to induct new faces in the cabinet by the BJP,” sources said. “It may take place anytime soon.”

During the day, the Chief Minister gave the portfolios of Forests and Industries to the Deputy Chief Minister Dr Nirmal Singh. The two ministries had fallen vacant after the resignations of Lal Singha and C P Ganga.

Ruling alliance has been toying with the idea of reshuffling cabinet for almost six months now. It was earlier thought to happen after the budget session was over. But then different development led to three cabinet ministers being dropped. Now the reshuffle is taking place anytime.

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