Staging a protest march here, cable operators Tuesday said that despite having no fault at all, their business is getting affected due to threats with thousands expected to become jobless.

During protests, cable operators hailing from various areas of Kashmir valley said they have been working since years in the industry and that at least two thousand people are earning livelihood though the sector.

“We assembled here from places like Baramulla, Tangmarg, Pattan and other areas to make our voices and concerns heard,” they said, adding that from the last few days, they had to suspend the broadcast due to the threat posters asking them to wind up their business.

“We are not running any anti-Islamic or immoral channels. Instead we are running Islamic channels,” one of the cable operators told KNS.

The aggrieved cable operators said that hundreds of families earning livelihood through the cable industry in Kashmir and even some operators have taken loans from banks to keep the business running. “If they ban us to broadcast, how we will be able to repay the money to banks. We approached the government and they offered us the security but security is of no use as our business is a field related one and not restricted to a particular place,” the cable operators said.


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