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A day after assuming office, Inspector General of Police (IGP), Kashmir, Abdul Ghani Mir today warned ‘miscreants’ of severe consequences for what he said ‘disturbing peace in the valley’. He said maintenance of law and order apart from security of life and property in the valley was a top priority for the police force.

Mir who took over as Inspector General of Police, Kashmir range on Saturday, while talking to a local news agency, KNS, said that no one would be allowed to breach law and order in the valley. “We will take action against anti- social elements that create problems in maintenance of law and order” he said.

The IGP appealed people to come forward and help the authorities in maintaining law and order. However he admitted that policing in Kashmir has always been a challenging task’.

However, the IGP was quick to add that the Jammu and Kashmir police is capable enough ‘to deal with any kind of situation as it has dealt with such situations in the past as well’.

“We as a society have various challenges at our hand. Parents want better schooling for their children, businessmen are worried for their businesses, and tourism has to be given opportunity to flourish. Therefore we all should get together to maintain peace in the valley”, asserted the IGP, and added that all the citizens of the valley were in favour of peace to prevail here.



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