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This is the major copy on most important happening in a week that usually features on page one of the magazine

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Murder most foul

JK Government’s one-man inquiry commission to probe the alleged rape and murder of a women and a teenage girl in…

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Sex Slavery

Abducted, she spent more than a year as a sex slave entertaining drug addicts, paedophiles and other criminals who brutalized…

Cover Story

Peoples Democratic Party’s rise in Kashmir politics was sudden. The party struck all the right cords of politics to reach…

Cover Story
The Passage to India

Six politicians from J&K will join the Indian parliament this week. Eighty four have been elected in the last 14…

Cover Story
Lal Ded’s Shame

As the world celebrates Mother’s Day, Shazia Yousuf and Shazia Khan visit Srinagar’s biggest maternity hospital, Lal Ded, to find…

Cover Story
HIV Enters Schools

The growing incidence of HIV infection in J&K has been an open secret for some time, but now the monster…

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De-Stinging AFSPA

Both the government and opposition are talking loud about the need to repeal Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and…

Cover Story
At War With Itself

The non-English speaking Pakistan, unlike the English speaking is not laughing much and a big section of the liberal, wealthy…

Cover Story
The Bride With A Bomb?

Yasmeena Akhter is claimed by Kashmir militants as a suicide bomber and a martyr. But was she? Basharat Peer pieces…

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