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Playing to the gallery

The appointment of interlocutors, their Kashmir foray, and report to home minister, all seems to be an exercise in haste,…


The much hyped talk of appointing interlocutors for Kashmir have started as a damp squib, with most people dismayed by…

Now, Omar talks dispute

Repressive policing, stringent curfews, 110 killings later Omar Abdullah is trying his rhetoric to reclaim some lost ground in Kashmir.…

Meek surrender

The autumn session of Assembly was predicted to be unruly and loud but the main opposition party’s decision to boycott…

Aimed at the world

The All party delegation may not bring in respite to Kashmir but India is using it to tell the world that they are concerned about the situation in Kashmir. Khursheed Wani reports.

Feeling the pulse

A group of Indian legislators led by home minister P Chidambaram visited J&K to find a way out of the crisis in the region. Though not much was hoped of from the delegation, their televised sojourns with separatists suddenly made them relevant. A Kashmir Life report.

Preparing a balm

Differences among the various parties in New Delhi on way out of Kashmir crisis is visible, but government is still likely to go ahead with some measures. Iftikhar Gilani reports.

Unplanned planners

While the six member economic group announced by Prime Minister for J&K may not have stirred any hopes in Kashmir,…

Saroori out, Gul not

R&B minister G M Saroori has been shown the door after his daughter was implicated in examination impersonation case, but chief minister’s advisor Mubarak Gul remains unharmed despite similar allegations. Khurshid Wani reports.

Politics of irrelevance

The ongoing agitation has impacted the unionist parties in Kashmir, to the extent making these almost irrelevant. Kashmir Life delves…

Economic politics

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s belated words on Kashmir unrest may have got some response in the unionist camp, but the…

A breed apart

Legislator Engineer Rasheed remains in news for one or the other reason, mostly for his bold methods of representing people’s…

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