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Collateral Damage

They fight painful memories, face hardships and an uncertain future. Tens of thousands of children orphaned by two decade conflict…

A generous hand

Established in 2005, Sakhawat Centre strives to achieve its multifarious objectives of facilitating quality education, social transformation and upliftment of…

Inquisitive instinct

Naseema Lanker made history by becoming the first divisional commissioner of Kashmir. Shazia Yousuf profiles the change maker. Naseema Lanker…

Saving childhood

Yateem Foundation houses more than 60 children in their orphanage but prefers to help orphans and destitute in their home…

Home for orphans

Yateem Khana literally means ‘home for orphans’. Located in Srinagar, this institute is devoted to the care of hundreds of…

The Shade grows

Through the most turbulent times in Kashmir, certain organisations took it unto themselves to serve the destitute, mainly the victims…

Innocence trampled
A child killed by a father, a minor raped by a neighbour. More and more cases of child abuse are reported from different corners of the valley. Hamidullah Dar reports.
Choosy reservation
A constitutional measure to improve the status of underprivileged classes – reservation in jobs and education – is proving a lopsided measure. Many deserving areas have been left out while many in the list have long acquired facilities available to advanced areas. Hamidullah Dar reports.
Social network sites are here, long before we realised. It could not have been announced more loudly than a murder over a virtual friendship.  Shazia Yousuf anlayses the phenomenon.
Lost genius

Super specialist doctors in Kashmir are unable to offer their services properly for lack of proper jobs forcing many others…

In vortex of crime
From a society which believed that skies turn red when a murder is committed, Kashmir was made
Marriage of convenience

A number of Kashmiri men unable to stand in the local marriage market are getting poor Bengali brides, who find…

Cover Story
De-Stinging AFSPA

Both the government and opposition are talking loud about the need to repeal Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and…

The wheel is slowing

A potter’s wheel once carved out almost all household goods. But now the use of earthenware is limited as polythene…

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