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Innocence trampled

A child killed by a father, a minor raped by a neighbour. More and more cases of child abuse are reported from different corners of the valley. Hamidullah Dar reports.

Choosy reservation

A constitutional measure to improve the status of underprivileged classes - reservation in jobs and education - is proving a lopsided measure. Many deserving areas have been left out while many in the list have long acquired facilities available to advanced areas. Hamidullah Dar reports.


Social network sites are here, long before we realised. It could not have been announced more loudly than a murder over a virtual friendship.  Shazia Yousuf anlayses the phenomenon.

Confusion confounded

He described the autopsy and forensic reports of Shopain rape and murder inconclusive, but Justice Jan himself came out not only with an inconclusive report, but with one that accuses everybody, including the victims,...

Kashmir on the precipice

Trouble in Baramulla comes on top on an unresolved Shopian crisis. While the trigger happy policing ensures that the people as well as the government get no respite, a growing assertion among people is...

Will exhumation lead the way?

Investigations into Shopian rape and murder has been complicated by loss of critical evidence. Autopsy has been deemed inconclusive. The question now is whether the exhumation can compensate the lost evidence. Shah Abbas reports. Heads rolled this...

Investigation gets eyes, agitation continues

Investigation into the Shopian gang rape and murder is narrowing as eyewitnesses point to men in uniform. Shah Abbas reports.
Inside the Tent bodies of Neelofar and Asiya being exhumed for forensic tests. Pgoto: Bilal Bahadur

Can forensics provide answers?

(People demanding arrest of Shopian rape and murder case culprits - Photo by: Bilal Bahadur) Advances in forensic science can pinpoint the culprits in Shopian rape and murder case. Has the state, where autopsies have...

Denial of rights

Freedom of speech and expression may be a constitutional guarantee, but JK government deals protesters with an iron fist, rendering the guarantee

You are right, Mr CM

Chief Minister Omar Abdullah admitted this week that institutions of state meant to protect and serve people have lost credibility in Kashmir.

Shadow of 90s: Torture 09

The infamous torture centre of 90s Papa 2 and Hariniwas may have been converted into palatial mansions,

In vortex of crime

From a society which believed that skies turn red when a murder is committed, Kashmir was made

Politics of poverty

Former deputy chief minister Muzaffar Hussain Baig struck out his name from proposed BPL list in

Monumental occupation

From troopers to traders, monuments in Kashmir are encroached by one and all. HAROON MIRANI reports on the plight of heritage sites facing rapid decay under occupation. Most of state’s ‘protected’ monuments are facing encroachments...

Procurement bias hits Valley units

With the PDD procurement wing stationed permanently in Jammu, Valley based electric equipment units have faced hurdles. Now before the wing could be shifted to Srinagar, their business prospects seem to already hurt.  HAROON...