CCS demands Women’s Commission’s Immediate Cognizance of Potha Incident, Condemns ‘Actions of Cop’



The Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Societies (JKCCS) Saturday alleged that on 7 October 2015, a police party headed by SDPO Surankote Riaz Tantray, in search of an accused who had escaped police custody, “attacked the family members of the accused and serious allegations have surfaced of assault and molestation”. “Numerous persons suffered grievous injury and are hospitalized,” the CCS statement said.

“The above incident must not be seen in isolation. Serious allegations of assault and extortion continue to be made against SDPO Riaz Tantray in other cases. But, to date, as in the case of allegations against State forces personnel in Jammu and Kashmir, there has been no action. Political patronage to SDPO Riaz Tantray is extended by his cousin MLA Shah Mohammad Tantray,” the statement further alleged. “The allegations against SDPO and State protection and impunity in this case are seen across Jammu and Kashmir. The situation in Poonch is exacerbated by its distance from legal support that is available in Srinagar.”

In addition, the statement added, State Human Rights Commission is not an option as it continues to be defunct. “Following a FIR, action must be taken against SDPO. As an immediate step, the Jammu and Kashmir State Women’s Commission must immediately take cognizance of the incident in Potha and take appropriate action.”


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