Udhampur Incident: Fringe Elements Encouraged since PDP led Govt assumed Power, says KCSDS



Kashmir Centre for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS) Saturday strongly condemned the petrol bomb attack on valley based trucker at Udhampur and demanded the arrest and punishing of culprits without any delay.

In a meeting chaired by KCSDS chairperson Prof Hameedah Nayeem, the members expressed their anguish over the “long rope given by the present dispensation to fringe elements to disturb the peace and communal harmony in the state”.

“Ever since the present dispensation (PDP-BJP government) has assumed power in the state, the fringe elements have been encouraged to scare the Muslim minorities of Jammu particularly in the Chenab valley and Pir Panchal range,” a statement quoted the members as having said adding, “appointment of fringe elements as VDC members and arming them with modern weapons is fraught with dangerous consequences.”

“KCSDS blames many Jammu based political parties, civil society groups, so called intellectuals and media houses for their fallacious anti Kashmir propaganda that eventually has dangerous potential to raise passion among masses and embolden the fringe elements for their terrorist activities. While the government  takes action against anyone in Kashmir on smallest pretext, it has miserably failed to check these miscreants in Jammu, observed the members,” the KCSDS statement added.

The statement added that KCSDS warned the state government of serious ramifications if it failed to act against communal forces who shamefully and openly advocate for division of the state on communal lines. “These elements with active support of their masters within and outside the state are hell-bent to disturb peace as a strategy to attain their reprehensible goal. KCSDS considers the entire Jammu and Kashmir that existed pre 1947 as one entity and any attempt to dilute this position shall be resisted by the people,” the statement concluded.


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