Udhampur Incident: Kashmir Trade asks Jammu Counterparts to combat Disruptive Elements 



Kashmir trade bodies Saturday asked Jammu counterparts to come forward and combat disruptive elements in view of murderous attack on three Kashmiris and burning of truck in Udhampur last night.

“An emergency meeting of Kashmir business leaders was held on 10-10-2015 in which it was decided as well as noted that Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Inc) (KCC&I), Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA), Federation of Chambers of Industries (FCIK) and Kashmir Traders & Manufacturer Federation (KTMF) have learned with shock that a public carrier was attacked and set on fire by the unruly elements let loose at Udhampur not only to damage the merchandise laden truck on its way to Kashmir and injuring seriously the driver and the other two person but it is a brazen attempt to hurt and cause disruption of peace and progress of the State,” a KCCI statement said.

The trade bodies have noted the anti-national/anti social activities resorted to in the areas alongside the Highway connecting Kashmir with outer world with grave concern and cautions the state government to put in action the agencies and the instrumentality of the government which are equipped to ferret effectively the bad element that is bent up to cause harm to the peaceful social pattern of our state known for brotherhood and amity for ages immemorial, the statement said.

“Such incidents be curbed with iron hand so as not to allow them recur in future. The Government needs to appreciate ramifications of such incidents and mere owning the responsibility to bear the medical expenses of injured is not the remedy,” the statement added.

“It may be pointed out that the trade bodies of Kashmir demand from economic social and political representatives of Jammu region to come forward seriously and honestly to combat such disruptive elements  or else there can be worse ramifications for everybody,” the statement further said.

“We appeal to general public of the state to fight the likelihood of economic blockade which such disruptive elements are planning to resort to.”


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