Chamber suggests Changes in city traffic management


To streamline the traffic management for a smooth business in city KCC&I members on Friday had a meeting with the Anuj Malhotra, the Traffic Advisor to Government of Jammu & Kashmir.

In a Statement KCC&I Spokesman said that Nasir Hamid  Khan, Sr. Vice President, chaired the meeting. The meeting was attended by representatives of various associations of the central business district like Poloview, Residency Road, Fairdeal Market, Hari Singh High Street etc.

He said that Anuj Malhotra briefed the members about the various measures being undertaken to improve the Traffic Management with the special focus on the Central Business District.

Among other things, the up-gradation of the public transport system, adequate parking areas, facilitation of the movement of pedestrians, creation of basic and beautification utilities like resting areas and toilets were laid particular emphasis upon by Anuj Malhotra.

“While appreciating the efforts and plans, the participants also gave several suggestions including centralized parking fee collection, leveling of footpaths on the same level as the roads, clear demarcation of on-road parking slots, replacement of dividers and lane markers with used rubber tyres and other general requirements of a commercial zone.”

The spokesman said that the lack of connectivity of the Central Business District across the Jhelum was also discussed in detail and the dire need for construction of vehicular bridges to cater to the huge volume of traffic was highlighted.

Presenting the vote of thanks, Nasir Hamid Khan, Sr. Vice President said that there was a need for regular interaction between the planning/implementation agencies and the business community.

He appreciated the innovative and modern planning methods of Anuj Malhotra and assured all support of the business community in planning and implementation of measures aimed at improving and upgrading of the traffic management of the central business district and other areas of Srinagar.


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