Sharia is supreme than everything: Er Rasheed


Urging Muslim organization to raise their voice against the bill passed by Indian parliament banning triple Talak, AIP Supremo, and MLA Langate Er  Rasheed has condemned the criminal silence of Farooq Abdullah and Muzaffar Beigh over this serious issue in the parliament, Spokesman said in a statement.

While interacting with people from different sections of society at Bandi (Uri) on Friday Er Rasheed said that not only Muslims but followers of any religion will never allow interference in its religious affairs, said Spokesman in a Statement.

Rasheed said “Neither Indian government is not really worried about the fate of Muslim women in India nor is there any logic in interpreting Sharia in its own way. No one should be afraid of Sharia and other Islamic laws as Islam gives full and due respect and protection to women than any other religion or law in the world. For every Muslim Quran and Sunah are Supreme and show a complete way of living life. While in India crime against women have touched  peak, rather focusing on up-liftment of women folk and restoring their honor and dignity, central Govt. has preferred to give a bad name to Muslims and in the name of banning triple Talak found a way to interfere in their religious affairs and target them.”

Rasheed reminded BJP that if it really cares about Muslims it should tell masses that do Muslims get justice in jobs at state and national level and what is the representation of Muslims in parties like BJP.

He said “while Muslims in India are living a miserable life, to avoid its duties towards the minority community Modi led government created hysteria among Muslim Women and got indulged in a character assassination campaign against the Sharia Laws. While BJP’s approach towards Muslims is known to all, Congress is now trying to follow soft Hinduta agenda just for its vote bank politics. Had not that been the case, Congress would have opposed the bill tooth and nail. Shamefully Farooq Abdullah and Muzaffar Hussain Beigh representing the only Muslim dominated state in the parliament kept criminal silence in the parliament to the extent as if they were dead bodies. Rather lobbying against the bill both the regional parties proved to be like carriers of the shameful agenda.”

Rasheed urged Muslim MP’s not to forget their duties towards the community and also appealed religious organizations to put things in right perspective by fighting against the passing of the bill at all possible forums.

Rasheed also accused some TV channels of indulging in the character assassination campaign against Muslims and dragging Quran and Sunah in the controversy by making unwanted comments which hurt every Muslim and deserve condemnation.


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