Charges against the Asiya, associates fabricated, baseless: DeM


Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) on Monday expressed anguish over the treatment meted out to the party chairperson, Syedah Asiya  Andrabi, and her associates inside the Srinagar Central Jail.

In a statement, a spokesperson of the DeM while rubbishing the charges and calling the allegations levelled against Andrabi Sahiba and others as fictitious and fabricated, said that illegal lodgment of the party leaders exposes the frustration of the government.

“The family members who visited Baaji Sahiba and others said that she was being ill-treated inside the jail,” she said.

The spokesperson said that Asiya cannot drink the water available inside the jail as it is harmful to her health. “But, the jail authorities aren’t allowing safe drinking water inside the jail which has led to the worsening of her health,” she added

The spokesperson said that the jail authorities also didn’t allow proper bedding for the incarcerated leadership of the DeM. “And those who were allowed to meet the party chairperson had to go through various difficult procedures. The timing allotted was just 15 minutes and that too through the iron bars and mesh,” she added.

“The visitors couldn’t even hear Baaji Sahibs voice and others properly. Photographs were taken and other rigorous formalities had to be done before anyone was allowed to meet them,” she said.

She said that the charges levelled against the party chairperson are baseless and fabricated.

“These charges that Baaji Sahiba ‘instigates students for stone pelting’ are baseless. It is nothing but the frustration of the state government and their masters in Delhi,” she added.


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