Chinar axing forces civil society on road in anger, with music


The massacre of mighty multi-century old Chinar’s near the TRC to pave way for road has angered civil society. A group of civil society members went to the spot of the “development” and protested.

Poet Zareef Ahmad, who is an old pro-Chinar plantation citizen, led to the protest. He was accompanied by a number of activist students and entrepreneurs. They made brief speechs insisting that there was a way-out for laying the road without disrupting the Chinar’s but a lackadaisical planning coterie of the state avoided exploring the options.

Part of the protest was a couple of young men including Ali Saifuddin who were carrying their guitars to sing certain songs of pain and protest. Interestingly, the event was broadcast live on social websites thus ridiculing the official ban on the social websites.



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