Choose Place And Have Public Debate; Malik Challenges Omar

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Slapping PSA on young children, dubbing those killed by forces as drug addicts and using police and army force to curb on ones political adversaries amounts to state terrorism and so called Chief Minister who is heading this oppression has no moral right to talk about moral values and rights of Kashmiri’s. Instead he should introspect and feel some shame on what he is doing. This was stated by the chairman JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik while reacting to a statement of Omar Abdullah published in a local daily.

According to statement issued here, Malik said that some days back editor of India Today called upon him and asked about his position on the recent arrest of a Kashmiri Liyaqat Ahmad who was coming to  surrender in Kashmir and also about those  families  who want to return back from Pakistan. I asked him that why is whole Indian media such concerned about these people and why is this media blacking out the plight of young kids who have been slapped with PSA ,why is Indian media so biased and selective? Why and at whose behest is Indian media highlighting this non issue and ignoring the plight of a nation that has been put under siege by Indian forces? This has seemingly upset  Omar Abdullah and he has started a vicious campaign against me, added Malik.

Malik said that Omar Abdullah is portraying as if he was the only one who cares for Kashmiri’s and their rights and all others are doing otherwise. But while thinking so Omar Abdullah is actually befooling none but himself.

“Omar sahib must know that people of Kashmir are well aware of their well wishers and enemies. They do know that it is the government of Omar Abdullah who while replying to public interest litigation for 2010 victims in high court, dubbed all those killed by police and forces including women as drug addicts. People of Kashmir know the drama and acting of this person who is shedding crocodile tears in Mohammad Afzal Guru case. They know that Omar Abdullah was well aware of Afzal’s hanging and his statement after the hanging of Ajmal Qasab in which he assured Indian government of handling law and order in case Afzal Guru bears a witness to that,” said Malik.

Malik asked that if Omar Abdullah is such kind towards Kashmiri, would he answer a simple question that how many killers of 2010 were booked by his government. “If he has such a love for Kashmiri’s, how many half widows whose husbands have been absconding in the custody of his forces have been looked after by him or his government? What has he done for thousands of those children who despite living without their fathers cannot call themselves orphan? What has he or his government done to console those old mothers and sisters who are looking for their loved ones from last 2 decades? Today Omar Abdullah seems so concerned about those few who want to return back but what about those thousands and thousands who have been killed by his regime or his father’s regime. What has he done to console those killed by forces at Machel.”

“Omar Abdullah must know that Kashmiri’s are fully aware of the acting and drama making of him, his party and all other pro India politicians as a matter of fact this drama being played and created form Delhi to Srinagar about the surrender policy and the people of want to return back to valley ‘is nothing but a political stunt of India and its puppets in Kashmir and these people only want tom use these home comers  as a tool in election politics,” Malik said adding  Omar Abdullah must also know that we are not the people who enjoy power because their fathers and forefathers betrayed their nation but we are fighting for a righteous cause and shall continue to pursue this path of truth. He also must know that it was National Conference government which arrested me and I lost valve of heart by the torture by their police.

“It was their government who always unleashed terror on kashmiri’s and even arrested the mother of Shaheed Sheikh Abdul Hamid and tortured her. He also must remember that the decisions’ taken by his grandfather for the lust of power may have provided their family with all luxuries but this nation has been witnessing a slaughter because of that very decision.”

Malik said that the fact is that from its formation in 1952, this assembly and those who walked in and enjoyed it have only served the interest of India and have always betrayed the Kashmiri nation.

Malik said that from last many years these assembly members including Omar Abdullah have made a noise of AFSPA etc and now for their election stunts are shedding crocodile’s tears here and there.

“If Omar Abdullah is such a follower of truth he must look into the matter of those teenagers who are languishing in jails and police stations. If he has some honor he must see how the kith and kin of those arrested are being forced to pay handsome money for their release and even are being forced to hoist the flags of those pro India parties for the purpose. If he has any belief in democracy and freedom of speech, he must learn to fight political adversaries politically and stop using arrests, house arrests and other police measures to suppress Kashmiri’s,” said Malik.

Malik challenged Omar Abdullah to have a public debate with him on this issue. “As Omar Abdullah cannot come in public because of security threats he is at will to choose a place of his own choice for the purpose,” added Yasin Malik.


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