Civil society asks people to intensify agitation against Tosa Maidan Lease extension

KL Report


Asking people to intensify the agitation against any possible lease extension of Tosa Maidan to army, Centre for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS) Monday said, “Tosa Maidan has become a grave yard for humans.”

KCSDS orgainsed a seminar in which civil society members, activists, victims and Tosa Maidan Bachaw Committee members said that there was a dire need to mobilize people to stand against the possible lease extension.

“People have been demanding for demilitarization of Tosa Maidan since long but nobody paid any heed,” they said, adding “20 years ago one Mohammad Maqbool was arrested only because he had raised the issue.” They further said that Maqbool was booked on other charges but the main reason behind his arrest was his demand.

The activists, victims and the civil society members informed the audience that the available record of fatalities was maintained only once Police Station Khag was established however the number of dead is in hundreds whose record is not available. They said that apart from 64 deaths hundreds are living lives of handicapped in the area.

Tosa Maidan Bachaw Committee, members while talking to reporters said that they were approached by the government and told that government intended to extend the lease for six months.

The speakers added that army has given compensation for 6400 kanals of land and paid Rs 15.32 crore.

The speakers alleged that army has set afire 30 thousand trees using gun powder in the area to clear the mountains and the surrounding area.

“Army also encouraged jungle smuggling to clear the area,” they alleged further adding, “Trout fish has completely vanished from the area of Tosa Maidan only because of the army presence and intervention.”


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