Clashes Erupt in Achan area of Srinagar Against SMC

Riyaz Bhat


Clashes erupted in Achan area of Srinagar on Thursday.

For past many days, locals are protesting against dumping of garbage in the Achan dumping site by Srinagar Municipal Corporation.

The locals have stopped the SMC from dumping the garbage in the area and huge heaps of garbage are lying at various points in city.

“The SMC and cops created a curfew like situation in the area to dump the garbage,” the locals added. “Following which people came on roads and protested against the move resulting in intense clashes.”

“Neither we are in a condition to complaint against the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) nor are we able to move the garbage stuck outside our houses. The bad smell emanating by the heaps of garbage is creating numerous problems for the local residents,” said Ubaid Bashir of Khanyar. “The foul smell is an open invitation for the diseases.”

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