weatherA low pressure weather system is building over Kashmir valley which might likely result in occasional rainfall with temperatures sliding down even more in few days to come.

The weatherman Sonam Lotus told Kashmir Life that cloudy weather might stay for about a week with sun and rains alternating. “We are likely to receive rainfall on the intervening night of 9 and 10 November,” he said. “Then again on the intervening night of 12-13, light showers are likely to lash parts of Kashmir.”

Lotus said that rains are not going to be very intense, “but not very light either.”

He said that since the year 2012, it was for the first time that Kashmir saw “comparatively unusual” spell of rainfall in autumn. He also predicted that this year winters might remain a bit chillier. “But that’s just forecast,” he cautioned. “We cannot predict of distant weather possibility with absolute accuracy.”


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