Mufti-and-MehboobaNational Conference on Friday while reacting to the Chief Minister’s remarks at a press interaction in Jammu said Mufti Sayeed was desperate in trying to run away from his responsibilities to “escape the tag of failure”. “Mufti Sahab’s first clear remarks indicating an imminent transfer of power to Mehbooba Mufti shows how he has admitted failure and proves our contention true that PDP’s sell-out to the BJP and RSS was done for Mehbooba’s political future. The dignity, sentiments and aspirations of the people were bartered for her long-cherished dream of ascending to the Chief Minister’s chair,” NC Chief Spokesperson said in a party statement.

“Mufti Sahab has bartered the political rights of the people he claims to represent and now we all know why Mufti Sahab has been endlessly praising the RSS and the Prime Minister so desperately since the last few days. Mufti Sahab is very keen in getting the requisite permission from the RSS to vacate the Chief Minister’s chair in favour of Mehbooba Mufti. The sycophancy that has degraded the institution of the Chief Minister’s office had personal motives for the Muftis. While most PDP leaders including Members of Parliament are now openly rebelling against their party leadership, Mufti Sahab is singularly focused on foisting his daughter on the Chief Minister’s chair,” the NC Chief Spokesperson stated.

“It was tragic that the Muftis had surrendered all political demands and slogans of their party for their personal political ambitions. All those slogans – ‘Self Rule’, ‘Dual Currency’, ‘Battle of Ideas’ and ‘Return of Power Projects’ have been sold to the RSS in exchange for their permission for Mehbooba Mufti becoming the Chief Minister. Most senior leaders of the party are now openly expressing their disappointment and disenchantment with the father-daughter duo and the people of the State feel cheated and deceived,” the chief spokesperson further added.

“If rumours and speculations are to be believed, Mufti Sahab is flying to Goa to attend an RSS affiliated seminar with the intention of getting a green signal from the RSS for Mehbooba Mufti’s coronation. And it is evident that he would be leaving the Chief Minister’s chair as a historic failure – a leader who bartered the dignity of his people for his daughter’s political career,” the NC Chief Spokesperson added.


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