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Welcoming Prime Minister, Narindra Modi in Ladakh to lay foundation of 220 KV Transmission Line and inaugurate Nemo-Bazgo, Leh and Chutak, Kargil Power Projects, Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah Tuesday mentioned the former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and praised him for taking up the two power projects in the Prime Minister’s Reconstruction Programme (PMRP) and fully funding these for timely completion.

Addressing the two separate functions organized at Leh and Kargil in this regard, the Chief Minister said that NHPC could not have completed these projects had Dr. Manmohan Singh not released adequate funds for these under PMRP.

Omar Abdullah highlighted the courage of the people of Leh and Kargil and mentioned their capacity to face challenges smilingly and bravely. He said people of this most beautiful part of the world remain cut-off from the rest of the Country during winters and face lot of hardships. He said the only connectivity of the area with the rest of the Country is through airlines but Kargil District is still bereft of this facility and the most costly tickets debar general population of Leh to travel outside the area during winters.

The Chief Minister said that he has time and again advocated at the Centre Government level that some special attention needs to be paid to make the air tickets affordable for the people of Leh and brining Kargil on the map of commercial airlines.

The Chief Minister while thanking the Prime Minister for announcing full funding of Zojila Tunnel said that this tunnel is the cherished desired of the people of Kargil. He said till the time this tunnel is completed there is urgent need that Kargil is provided the facility of commercial airlines. He also mentioned the immediate need of land for the expansion of Kargil Town and sought Prime Minister’s support for providing the part of Khurbathong Plateau for this purpose which is under the use of Army at present. “Army can utilize whatever portion of the plateau it requires and rest can be provided for the expansion of Kargil town which is need of the hour”, he elaborated and mentioned the patriotism of the people of Kargil who have faced many hardships of war and cross-border shelling but exhibited their highest degree of bravery and patriotism.

Omar Abdullah said that many attempts were made to misguide the youth of Kargil by the vested interests during the period of turmoil but the people of Kargil refused to fall prey in the hands of exploiters. He showered praises over the people of Kargil for their courage, bravery and patriotism.

The Chief Minister mentioned the high potential of solar energy in Leh Region as also the high tourist potential of the area. He said that in solar energy potential Leh is equal to Gujarat. He said State Government has signed MoU with the Union Ministry for MNRE when Dr. Farooq Abdullah headed this Ministry. He said under this MoU tapping of 5000 MWs of solar energy will be achieved through various projects. He said this will give fillip to the economy of the region.

Omar Abdullah said that by the construction of 220 KV Transmission System from Alastaing-Srinagar to Leh via Drass-Kargil and Khalsti, the surplus power from Leh and Kargil Districts can be evacuated for utilization in other parts of the State.


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