CMO kargil’s order against the principle of human dignity, punitive in nature: DAK


Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) president, Dr Suhail Naik on Tuesday criticised the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Kargil’s action against the Medical Superintendent(MS) District Hospital(DH) Kargil and one other medico.

In a communiqué issued to the press, Dr Naik said that It is beyond our understanding as to how and why CMO issued such a harsh order against the Medical Superintendent without any enquiry. Such arrogant and dramatic orders of administrators just to please politicians, public and higher-ups have discouraged the doctor fraternity time and again.

“We have received a detailed representation from our fraternity kargil were it is crystal clear that the attending doctors are at no fault and unnecessarily such unwise order has been issued. It is full of shame that doctors have been asked to apologise before administration and public for no fault of theirs,” the spokesman quoted Dr Naik as having said.

DAK demands immediate revocation of the said order along with the assurance that in future these episodes will not be repeated anywhere in the state from the authorities.


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