Come out with your source of information: PDP asks Farooq



Reacting to National Conference (NC) President, Dr Farooq Abdullah’s statement that People’s Democratic Party was behind the Khrew militant attack, PDP Monday said that this charge is serious in nature and asked Farooq Abdullah to come out with the source of information about the attack.

Addressing a press conference at PDP headquarters, PDP MLC and chief spokesperson, Naeem Akhter said, “PDP has filed a formal complaint with Election Commission of India as the allegation is totally baseless.”

He said that J&K police chief has categorically said that the attack was not aimed at any single person. “DGP and IGP have said in newspaper reports that the aim of militants was to snatch rifles and nothing else,” he said quoting news reports and added that Farooq Abdullah should come out with his source of information.

Naeem further said that PDP had earlier also filed two complaints with ECI but no action from the ECI has emboldened National Conference. “Wazwan served to NC workers that was ferried in police vans and Sakina Itoo influencing an elderly in South Kashmir were serious in nature and we had full proof in form of photos and videos but lack of action on part of ECI has only emboldened NC,” he said demanding an independent probe in the allegations levelled by Farooq Abdullah on PDP.

He said that such accusations can only come from the persons who see their defeat as imminent.

He also said that Congress minister, Gh Ahmad Mir also has used religion in support of NC-Congress candidate for South Kashmir. “Mir while addressing his workers has said that there are two roads leading to Parliament. One to Masjid and another to Mandir,” Naeem quoted Mir and said, adding, “Mir has tried to influence upon them that to vote for PDP means to support Modi indirectly meaning to tread Mandir path.”

He said that there is no Masjid and Mandir issue in J&K but the two ruling parties are trying hard to introduce it here.

Meanwhile, Naeem also said that PDP’s central Kashmir candidate for Lok Sabha has given whole information regarding his property but NC should inform the voters where from it got Gupkar and other properties. “Farooq has said that the property owned by him is his ancestral and has come from his mother’s side but what about his Gupkar, Jammu and overseas property,” Naeem said, adding, “in 2008 elections while filing his affidavit Farooq had said that he would fill information about his overseas property later on which he did not.” “After Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah resigned from his government job in 1931, no one from NC family did government service, now we ask them  where from have they acquired such a huge properties,” Naeem said, “ adding, “they have only done business politics and nothing else.”


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