SRINAGAR: The Muslim Joint Action Committee, Jammu and Kashmir has lodged a complaint against the senior police officer in Jammu accused of promoting Islamophobia and fanning communal disharmony via microblogging website Twitter.

Kotwal’s Twitter timeline was crammed with tweets attacking Muslims. However, now the twitter handle is protected.

Swarn Singh Kotwal, senior superintendent of police (security) has been accused of resorting to wanton vilification and repeated attacks through his tweets on Islam and Muslims projecting them as terrorists and airing his political views in contravention to the Service Conducts Rules reads the letter addressed to Mr S Kabra Principal Secretary Home, Jammu and Kashmir seeking his intervention to get the matter investigated and take legal action against the accused.

Earlier, “Swarn Singh Kotwal, senior superintendent of police (security), Jammu posted he had “no relation whatsoever” to the controversial tweet, but had not removed the 26-day-old post by late evening,” The Telegraph reported.

The controversial August 29 tweet said: “Time n again all political parties after every terrorist act of violence paddles aatankwad Ka Koi dharm Nahin hota…...but this I think is the biggest fraud being played on all of us. From Delhi, Bengaluru to Sweden the religion is very much visible. Sri Lanka n Burma knew it in days,” mentions the letter.

Subsequently, on September 1, the officer responds to a tweet of Seikh Shafique Ansari, “………… people will never praise Indian army n its contribution……..jab Khoon mei Gaddari hai….to baap ka kaise hua”.

Continuing with his barrage of tweets accused of promoting Islamophobia, the police official tweets and retweets. In his, another tweet, “Isn’t it interesting, that people of only one religion take to rioting, burning public property, loot, arson and plunder each time they feel their religion is insulted…no matter which….”.

The accused further retweeted a tweet wherein Muslims were considered to be a threat as they are joining UPSC. The retweet endorsing: “…….the need is to open the eye rather to close it. Jk militancy reveal that since past five years people joining militancy are not poor or unemployed but Engineers Technorats PGs PhD by design”.

Mishra, a BJP leader, has been accused of making communally provocative speeches in the run-up to the Delhi February riots that killed 53 people. Kotwal has re-tweeted several of Mishra’s tweets, suggesting he is a fan the Telegraph reported. The report When one tweeter said that “people of only one religion take to rioting, burning public property, loot, arson and plunder each time they feel their religion is insulted, no matter which country they live in…”, Kotwal’s reply was: “Because they are taught so.”

“That the said act of the accused constitutes serious offences and also violates the service conduct rules besides the moral conduct guidelines issues from time to time,” the letter mentions.


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