Comrade Tarigami Has Constituency in Other Kashmir, Too!



Comrade present in the event.
Comrade present in the event.

The state Marxist chief Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami must be a happy man at the moment after learning that his ilk exist and hosted mega ‘comrade show’ in other Kashmir governed by “Islamic Republic” of Pakistan.

But the talk that touched “The Saur Revolution”, “Today’s Afghanistan” and youth-led revolutions saw comrades maintaining silence over Kashmir and its fresh youth-led upheaval.

Comrade Tarigami’s brethren were traced in a three-day Marxist School on 5, 6, and 7 August, 2016, in Rawalakot, Kashmir organized by The Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA).

104 youth and workers from all over Pakistan came to participate, reaching Rawalakot on August 4, 2016. The school started on the morning of 5 August. Participants were welcomed by Yasir Irshad from “Azad Kashmir”.

Comrades of Kashmir

The school that had a total of six sessions saw the participation of comrades from Balochistan, Karachi, Punjab, Pushtoonkhwa and from other places. Delegates from around the world had also participated in the Congress along with five delegates from Pakistan. World Perspectives, Brexit and its effects on the world capitalism, the National Question, and the ongoing revolutions and struggles around the world were discussed.

The delegates unanimously voted to recognize “Lal Salaam” as the official section of the IMT in Pakistan.

“Revolutions, counter-revolutions, and civil wars have become the new characteristics of this era,” the comrades observed. “The traditional politics and power structures are breaking down, and we are seeing the sharpening of political polarization.”

But while the comrades discussed “The Saur Revolution and Today’s Afghanistan,” they didn’t mention a word on Kashmir and its present uprising.

The 3-day Marxist school ending with participants singing verses of legendary poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz noted: “Youth is the tip of the spear of revolution.” But the comrades said nothing about the youth who are currently triggering one such revolution in comrade Tarigami’s homeland.

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