Cong to be Equally Blamed for Governance Crisis during Past 6 Years: Mufti

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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Wednesday said Congress and National Conference are to be equally blamed for landing Jammu and Kashmir in one of the worst governance crisis of its history.

“It was because of Congress abandoning its inclusive agenda at the national level and its ministers indulging in open loot and frauds in the state that space for emergence of BJP was created in J&K,” Mufti said while addressing an election rally in Dooru assembly segment of this south Kashmir district.

Mufti said ideologically Congress never tried to rise up to the BJP but instead made compromise after compromise to seek survival in power which ultimately demolished it at the national level and in the state it was reduced to hand-maiden of Omar Abdullah. “Omar on the strength of his friendship with Rahul Gandhi had his way on all matters without being able to do anything constructive for the state,” he said.

Mufti said during the past six years, the functionaries of NC-Congress coalition worked as a mutual benefit society which had no direction and no Common Minimum Programme (CMP) for the welfare of the people. “All their actions were aimed at finding avenues of corruption and loot,” he said and added that even while they seem to have parted ways at the organizational level and are fighting elections against each, the parties decided to hang-on to the coalition till the last day just for personal luxuries of its functionaries.

Mufti said it was the Congress high command and its ministers in the coalition government who bailed out Omar Abdullah in 2010 when hundreds of youth were killed and thousands framed in false charges by his government.

Mufti said Congress played a counter-communal card in its failed bid to stop the rise of BJP at the national level and they used Afzal Guru as a scapegoat. He said Omar Abdullah who owed his survival in 2010 and 2011 to Congress readily agreed to hanging Guru out of turn in a manner that does not do any good to the image of the country as a secular democracy where rule of law is supreme. He said Congress and NC just for their partisan politics sacrificed the image of the country and subverted its system by not allowing Guru’s family to have atleast last minute meeting with him. “Similarly in 2011 Haji Yousuf case it was a Congress minister who supported Omar Abdullah more than his NC colleagues,” he said.

Mufti said Congress had unfortunately become arrogant in the belief that no government could be formed in J&K without them and it was their prerogative to pick their partners from the regional parties. “But now the people of the State have understood this game and are giving a decisive mandate to PDP for the benefit and welfare of the State,” he said.

Mufti said PDP would try to form a government that would be inclusive and would reflect the urges and aspirations of all sections of the society across all the regions of the State. He said PDP has become a platform for which he has struggled throughout his life and dreamt of as a vehicle to connect communities and regions so that distinct identity of J&K and its diversity is maintained and a model state of tolerance and development created.

Mufti said to speed up development and growth in the State, PDP would focus on improving intra and inter-regional connectivity. He said besides making Anantnag-Sinthan-Kishtwar road an all-weather link, steps would be taken for construction of another road from Kapran to Dessa to connect Kashmir with the Chenab Valley region through alternate links. He said steps would be also taken to fully explore the tourism potential in the area to create job opportunities for the locals.

Earlier, Mufti also visited Bijbehara and Islamabad constituencies and interacted with various delegations there. Interacting with the members of the District Bar Association Islamabad, Mufti assured holistic development of Islamabad town with state-of-the-art infrastructure in every sector.


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