Congress a formidable force to reckon with: G A Mir

KL Report


While addressing a mammoth party worker’s meeting at Dooru Thursday, JK PCC President G.A. Mir said Congress is a formidable force to reckon with and asked the workers to further rejuvenate the Party from Booth Level . It was the first meeting of G.A. Mir in Dooru Constituency after taking over as President JK PCC. He was received by Party Workers at Banihal and was given a rousing reception on way from Banihal to venue of the meeting at Dooru.

In a statement to KNS, While Launching a scatting attack on PDP-BJP for exploiting the religious and regional sentiments of the people during the recent elections to grab power, he said both the   parties will have to explain to the people of Jammu and Kashmir their common ground for entering into a coalition for the Government formation.

He lashed out at both BJP and PDP for misleading the people for the sake of power. He said PDP got votes to stop and defeat the 44+ mission of BJP, but the reality is that PDP being power hungry entered into coalition with BJP. This is worst ever opportunist politics. Their only common goal was to secure and retain power by hook or by crook.
He expressed confidence that people will give befitting reply to both PDP and BJP.

Addressing the gathering (Mir) exhorted the workers to remain steadfast in serving the people to the best of their ability, as Congress is an instrument of Service to the people and is committed fully for development of all the three regions of the state and people
and it (Congress) will never compromise on the interests of people will leave no stone unturned in mitigating the suffering of people.

He said Congress is vibrant situation in Jammu and Kashmir and has delivered enough and assured the people that it  (Congress) has fought and will continue to fight for safeguarding the interests of the people, as people’s concern is among the top priorities of the Party.

JKPCC Chief said that Congress is the only unifying force in the country and the state as it is the party of all religions, regions and sections of our pluralistic society. He said Congress has always taken care of the interests and aspirations of all the people irrespective of their faiths, caste, creed and color and there is no such alternative force in the country which has its history, principles and approach towards poor and own trodden sections of the society. (


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