In last five years Govt spent more than 500 crores for migrant pandits in JK

KL Report


Amid the reports of government according separate homeland to migrant pundits, the Government of India (GOI) is all set to add one thousand crore to the relief package to the community that left valley at the onset of militancy in Kashmir valley.

Reports informed that during the past five years, there are more than 500 crore rupees that have been spent by the state dispensation for the welfare of the pandit community.  There are around 41 thousand migrant pandit households comprising of more than one lakh  50 thousand persons which migrated from Kashmir valley inn 1990.

The government was replying to the question submitted by the legislator Ajay Nanda who had asked the government over the measures being taken by the government for the rehabilitation of the migrant pandits.

Details informed that government is providing a relief of 6600 rupees per household to these families living at present in Jammu while as providing the other benefits including the 9 KGs of ration,   one Kilogram sugar free of cost. The government during the year 2011-12 has spent 98 crores, 57 lakhs and 58 thousand rupees to the migrant pundits while as in the year 2012-13, the state dispensation spent 169 crore rupees.  During the year 2013-14 140 crore, 15 lkah and twenty thousand has been spent. So far, during the current financial year, the state government has spent more than 11 crore rupees for the welfare of the migrant pundits.

Reports informed that a massive relief package will be approved by the GOI in which an addition of 1000 crore will be granted as a special package for the pandits.


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