Congress should know running a Govt is not playing cricket, says NC’s Kamal

KL Report


In a scathing attack against the state Congress for claiming credit for the enhancement in the retirement age of the government employees, National Conference Thursday cautioned its ally, stating ruining a government is not playing a cricket match.

It maintained further that the decision is likely to have an impact on the forthcoming poll in the state as the disgruntled state employees have been pacified at large. “There are around 25 lakh people who are directly connected to the government service; the decision at large was a welcome step of the government. I will fort sure impact the forthcoming polls,” said additional general secretary national conference Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamal.

Castigating the state Congress over issuing statements wherein credit for the retirement enhancement was claimed by its leaders, Kamal stated that the Congress leadership here in the state must understand that running a government is not playing a cricket match and the issuance of the ‘bizarre’ statements only reflects inferiority complex of the state Congress.

“Omar Abdullah is the head of the state government. I wonder what is wrong in claiming the credit for the age enhancement. If Omar claims credit of the decision, he is doing the same on behalf of the government wherein Congress is also a part,” Kamal said adding that by trying to cash the government decision for which it played a little role, Congress is doing no good to the state.

Substantiating his claims, Kamal maintained that the Congress nominee in the state cabinet Ghulam Hassan Mir in the recent past issued the statement wherein he asked the government to leave the decision of the age enhancement to the next government. “Doesn’t this reflect the mindset of the Congress vis-à-vis the issue.”

He said that the decision was pending with the government and that it took it years to implement the same on ground. “The government here was taking into consideration all the aspects of the issue so that it could be implemented for the larger interests of the people.”


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