PDP calls retirement age enhancement as NC’s ‘save the chair operation’

KL Report


Terming the decision of enhancement in the retirement age by two years for the government employees ‘save the chair operation’, opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) Wednesday stated that the coalition is trying to undo what it did to the state in past five and a half years.

The chief spokesPERSON of PDP, Naeem Akhtar told KNS that the state government after beating the employees for the past six years and jailing them in large numbers did what ultimately was needed to be done. “One thing is for sure that this development has underlined the power of the vote and what vote can do.”

Cornering the Omar Abdullah led government over the various orders it passed during the recent past, Akhtar stated that earlier when the ban on SMS facility was imposed, the government here shrugged its shoulders, stating that the revocation of the order is in the ambit of GOI. “Ironically when the ban was lifted, the government here said that the same was done in the larger interests of the people of the state.”

He maintained further that from the last five years, the government was beating the drums of new recruitment policy and stated that the same cannot b revoked for the larger benefit of unemployed youth. “The government scrapped the same with the reason that the policy was anti-youth.”

Omar Abdullah is trying to learn through his mistakes but undermines that how much the state suffered due to his ‘inabilities’, said PDP spokesman, adding  that it seems as if Omar has got learner’s license to run the affairs of the perturbed state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Commenting over the recent war of words that emerged between Congress and its ally national conference with each party claiming credit of the age enhancement in retirement, Akhtar said that the statements have given the notion as if the decision has many fathers. “We can only say that this decision is too futile and too late.”

Pertinently, amid thunderous applause of hundreds of government employee representatives, Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah on June 3 announced his intension to enhance the retirement age of employees from 58 to 60 years and the upper age limit for youth to obtain government job from 37 to 40 years. He further announced the deadline of one month for finalizing the regularization of adhoc employees whose cases are under process in Finance Department.


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