Congressman Karra says PDP is caught in its own web

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Tariq Hameed Karra, who joined Congress last week, said PDP is caught in the web of its own making. Its “self made crisis” is outcome of its “lack of maturity and experience”.

“This is a crisis that they have created on their own,” Karra told Kashmir Life from Delhi. “I do not think, there are any external forces involved. They are playing it within.”

Karra said the party lacks experience and maturity. “It is being overrun by political novices and para-troopers,” Karra said. “Many of them belong to various agencies.”

“In political parties, you have a system that helps you to retrospect but it is missing in PDP,” Karra said. “Instead of introspecting and undoing the mistakes, the party is justifying all its actions.”

The Congressman said that it needs to be understood properly that ministers opt for hard posturing and resign. “And then they surrender and resume their duties. How is it possible?” he asked.

PDP co-founder Tariq Hameed Karra, who resigned from the party as an MP, at the peak of summer unrest 2016, took the Prof Saifuddin Soz route to join Congress recently.

In 1999, Soz flouted the party whip issued by the NC president and voted against the then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee and it led to its fall. Soz was forced out of the party and after cooling his heels, he joined Congress and was twice minister at the centre and then took over as the PCC chief in the state.

Karra, who was completely against the alliance with BJP, cooled down for some time and then took the route out of the party at the peak of unrest. Barring a few weeks when he kept his clam, when Ms Mufti took over, Karra had continuously been talking against his party’s alliance with the right wing party.

He joined Congress last week after having detailed meetings with the Congress leadership. He said he negotiated his entry into Congress after discussing lot of issues that confront the state.

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