Constitution of India is supreme & we have our consitution as well: J&K Govt

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J&K Government Education Minister Naeem Akhtar

A day after Supreme court said that Jammu and Kashmir has “no vestige of sovereignty outside the Constitution of India”, Chief spokesman of government and state’s education minister Naeem Akhtar on Sunday said the Constitution of India is supreme and the state has its own Constitution which is what the apex court has also said, Business Standard reports.

“Who says no; there are two constitutions operating in Jammu and Kashmir. The Constitution of India is supreme and we have our own Constitution at the state level and that is what the Supreme court  has also said.

Reaffirming that the state is an integral part of India and does not enjoy sovereign status either under its Constitution or that of India, the apex court on Friday said the state’s constitution was subordinate to the Indian Constitution and its permanent residents were Indian citizens.



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