‘Construction of 4 Lane affects water bodies in Islamabad’

KL Report


People of Manzmoh Qazigund in South Kashmir’s Islamabad district staged a protest against a Construction Company busy in the construction of four way tunnel and four lane in the district.

The protestors while blocking Srinagar-Jammu higway alleged that due to the construction, ten vital ponds in the district have started drying up. They said that these ponds are life-line for them and they will face drinking water problem in case these ponds get polluted and dry up.

 “All the old ponds existing in villages like Manzmoh,Tangtraji, Bhokhad Pati, Bakarwal Check, Shaikh Takya, Gulab Bagh, Katamarg, Wojroo, Hilad, Pranigam,Mategund, Check wagund, Tonjloo and other villages have started drying up as a result people are suffering for want of drinking water,” a protestor told CNS.

Police and District administration officials visited the spot and assured the protestors concrete measures will be taken to save these precious water bodies.


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