80 families of Tral without electricity from 3 months

KL Report


All but eighty families residing in Syed Abad, Mir Mohalla hamlet of South Kashmir’s Tral town have been living without electricity from past three months.

“Some three months back, the transformer of our area got damaged. We collected Rs 100 per household and took the damaged transformer to workshop. We were shocked by the reply from officials that there is no government at present and whatever you have to do, do it on your own,” the residents told CNS adding that they never stopped pay their monthly electricity bills.

The residents of the hamlet said that they have been facing immense hardships in absence of electricity. “Education of our children is suffering badly. Patients and elders are facing difficulties in absence of the electric light,” they said and appealed Chief Engineer PDD to personally intervene into the matter so that a new transformer is installed in their area.


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