Coronavirus: 45 Students Quarantined On Arrival From Bangladesh


A group of 45 students who arrived at Srinagar airport on Friday were moved to a quarantine facility where they will be kept in isolation, newsagency GNS quoted officials as having said.

They said all passengers arriving from outside at the airport have to undergo mandatory quarantine as such they were taken to the facilities set up by the authorities in Srinagar.

For the last three days, authorities have invoked strict measures to ensure that people flying in from outside must stay in quarantine, either at home or in a government facility. On Wednesday, almost a half a dozen busloads who had flown in from Leh were driven to some facility after a long drama at the Srinagar airport. Authorities denied reports that one passenger flying from Leh is yesterday flight was symptomatic.

Already a number of students who were evacuated from Iran have been shifted to a quarantine facility in Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. Though their number is not known, sources said it has a good number from Jammu and Kashmir.


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