Coronavirus: Fake Hand Sanitizers Seized


SRINAGAR: With the virus panic spreading far and wide, a small section is exploiting the situation to make money. This has led authorities to get into the market and make certain arrests.

Washing hands with soap for more than 30 seconds is termed to be the key protection from coronavirus infection

Last week, one chemist was rounded up for selling a mask of a few rupees for Rs 300. He had some older stock that he wanted to finish but the costs were too huge. He was freed after “warning”.

Drug Control Department, media reports said, also sealed a ‘fake hand sanitizer plant’. Termed to be a “refill plant”, located somewhere in Ganderbal, authorities during raids found “nearly ten barrels of unknown liquid” in the Nagbal area. So far six of the 10 barrels have been ceased.

A report said that around 800 bottles of fake sanitizer were seized in the last 24 hours. It was not immediately known if the man behind the virus business was also rounded up or not.

On Wednesday the Drug Control officials seized 171 bottles carrying 500 ml of low-quality sanitizers each from Maisuma. Some seizures have taken place in the peripheral towns as well.


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